September 18, 2023
by Bespin Bulletin

Can fans expect to see more Anakin Skywalker in the Ahsoka series following episodes four and five? We have the answer.

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Last week fans across the globe got to witness the Hayden Christensen portraying the character of Anakin Skywalker in the fifth episode of Ahsoka which led to mass acclaim and appreciation online. We got to see Anakin post-Jedi, live-action Clone Wars scenes, Skywalker duelling, and finally seeing a live-action pairing of Skywalker and Ahsoka Tano. I’m sure for many prequel and Clone Wars fans it felt like a dream, and a huge moment within the fandom.


However, and most importantly, Christensen’s appearance as Anakin Skywalker severed a purpose and our series lead, Ahsoka Tano, got to learn a new lesson from her master. What followed were scenes of almost a rebirth for the titular character. Tano quietly slunk into the water in the world between worlds following the teachings of Skywalker and was pulled out on the other side by members of the New Republic. Tano donned white robes, something fans have been itching to see since the finale of Star Wars: Rebels, and has a new outlook on life. All things considered it seems as if Skywalker’s role and purpose in the series has been fulfilled, and that begs the question. Will we see Anakin Skywalker again in the Ahsoka series?

In short, yes – we will see Anakin Skywalker again according to my sources and online rumours. Around a month ago I had heard from sources details of Ahsoka episode five, which I wrote about here and came to fruition, and it was during those discussions that I was told that an Anakin Skywalker force ghost appearance was shot for the eighth episode. I didn’t get much detail on that scene, all I was told was that Skywalker is clearly proud of his apprentice and looks fondly towards her in the series finale.


However episode eight isn’t the only appearance I was told about. According to my sources, Skywalker will appear in what they believe to be the seventh episode of Ahsoka in the form of a hologram. I have no context as to where or why the hologram is in an episode of Ahsoka, but that the Anakin lines heard in a TV spot, where he mentions facing Battle Droids, is part of the hologram scene. It’s also worth mentioning that a Reddit user who previously shared accurate tidbits on episodes three, four and five of Ahsoka has also claimed Skywalker will appear in episodes seven and eight – however the user has deleted their comments so they can’t be linked or quoted.

Ahsoka Tano has finally set off on her journey to a mysterious galaxy fans have never seen before as she continues her quest to stop the sinister Grand Admiral Thrawn, reunite with her apprentice, Sabine Wren, and locate her long lost friend, Ezra Bridger. I’ve been told for quite sometime that the second half of the series is the most exciting, which we’re now in, and that fans are in for a treat with the episodes that are set to air.

The sixth episode of Ahsoka is set to air exclusively on Disney+ on Tuesday, September 19th, at 6PM PST.

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