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New report claims that the fourth season of The Mandalorian will begin shooting in November, but I’ve heard otherwise.
According to reports, production of the fourth season of The Mandalorian is set to be delayed due to the ongoing Writers Guild of America strike.
According to a new report from Samba TV, The Mandalorian season three finale outperformed that of season two.
We’re revisiting an exclusive video we shared last year which shows Bo Katan facing off against fellow Mandalorian’s, but now with the context of the season.
Genevieve O’Riley is rumoured to be reprising the role of Mon Mothma for both The Mandalorian and Ahsoka.
Kevin Mckidd, the voice of Fenn Rau in Star Wars: Rebels, will portray the character in The Mandalorian season three.
New report reveals Moff Gideon will be accompanied by his own unique Stormtroopers in the third season of The Mandalorian.
According to a new report, the latest season of the Disney+ flagship series isn’t performing as well as some past live-action Star Wars series.
Gina Carano, the actress who plays Cara Dune, departed The Mandalorian two years ago, and now executive producers are answering what will become of the fan favourite character.
The Mandalorian creator reveals that the fourth season of the series will not be it’s last and that he does not have an endpoint in mind.

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