November 23, 2023
by Bespin Bulletin

In the January issue of Empire Magazine, it’s mentioned that 2024 could see Star Wars hitting a high point with three live-action series releasing which includes Skeleton Crew, The Acolyte and Andor season two. The spread mostly focuses on The Acolyte, and as I’ve mentioned in previous articles and podcasts, since the summer I’ve been saying that that series in particular is seen as the big Star Wars series of 2024 and that Lucasfilm have a lot of confidence in the project.

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You may recall an exclusive article of mine from the start of September where I exclusively shared that Skeleton Crew had slipped into 2024, being delayed from a late November release this year. At the time I heard about the delay from sources, which was in August, I was told that at the time there was no solid release window planned outside of next year, but one source mentioned it could be (could!) be as far out as November 2024. Since then I’ve heard mixed things as to its release window so I cannot confidently say as to when you, the reader, should expect to see it on your screen. The source who brought up the possibility of November next year still thinks it’s possible, there’s also been a hint from another source pointing to that window, but others have said that Spring would be the earliest possibility. However I must stress that it all seems up in the air and in August everything was being treated as “influx” and “fluid.”


One thing I’ve been saying for months on this site and on podcasts is that the speculation from fans of a January release for Skeleton Crew was extremely unrealistic to say the least. I brought up the topic with my sources after seeing the idea being peddled around Reddit and social media, but my sources scoffed at the idea.


As I’ve been saying for months, The Acolyte has a lot of confidence behind it and sources told me it’s almost being treated as the flagship release of next year for Star Wars. I originally heard that the series was looking to release within the second quarter of 2024, which was made clearer to me to be May. However, once both the Writers Guild of America and SAG-AFTRA were striking, the window became doubtful according to my sources. As mentioned in my September article, sources felt the series could suffer a delay, albeit a minor one. My personal speculation was that maybe we’d see it in August 2024, the window that was planned for Andor season two. Lucasfilm clearly like that window as evidenced by previously setting Andor season for that window in 2022 before it slipped to September, Ahsoka releasing there this year and Andor season two initially being planned for August 2024. Again, I shared this information in September and was the first to do, but I’ve not heard an update since.



Lastly we’re brought to Andor season two which Empire has listed as a 2024 release. Andor was always planned for August 2024, as mentioned various times by the series writer and showrunner, Tony Gilroy. Unfortunately filming was cut short on Andor season two in the Summer due to the SAG-AFTRA strike with the season only having a few weeks left to shoot. We currently have no idea as to when Andor will resume filming, but you’d assume it’ll likely be sometime in the new year. It’s merely my own speculation, but given the time between production being paused and when it’ll restart again, there’s a decent chance that Gilroy and Lucasfilm would’ve looked over what they already have and possibly decide more time is needed than the weeks that remained with possible script changes and or even just reshoots and pick ups, which could cause those few weeks to run longer.

In my September article I mentioned that Andor season two would more than likely slip from August and into later in the year, or at worst, early 2025. It’s all dependent when filming gets wrapped up as far as I’m aware. I tried reaching out to sources for an update on Andor, but again, depends on when production gets wrapped.

Though Empire work closely with studios for the magazine and spreads, its not guaranteed that these three live-action series they’ve listed for 2024 are what they were told by Lucasfilm – the article doesn’t mention that. It’s possible that it’s what they’ve heard in the past or it’s even an assumption on their part. Andor season two was announced for 2024, as was The Acolyte, and naturally with Skeleton Crew not releasing this year as planned, it’ll release next year. All I am saying is for readers not to take the Empire pages as gospel, nor should you take my word as gospel either, but I promise to update you all when I know more.

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