January 5, 2024
by Bespin Bulletin

The live-action Star Wars series, Ahsoka, concluded in October, three months ago, and there’s still been no word in regards to the future of the show. Now the lead of the Disney+ has shared a somewhat disappointing update in regards to a possible second season.

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Rosario Dawson, who plays the Ahsoka Tano in live-action Star Wars projects, recently spoke with Entertainment Weekly’s podcast, Dagobah Dispatch, about the first season and currently only season of Ahsoka. I don’t know when the interview was conducted, but it’s clearly before the festive holiday break of 2023. Dawson herself brought up herself that discussions about a second season had yet to arise in the weeks and months that followed the end of SAG-AFTRA strike and that Disney and Lucasfilm had pushed back any discussion until after the holiday break.


Even now with the strike over, there’s no work really to be done. Everyone’s already at that point of, ‘Let’s circle back at the end of the year’, sort of thing and I’m like, ‘Oh, thank god’, because I need a moment still to keep taking this all in and seeing the reaction before jumping back into itwhich I hope we do, that we get to.” Rosario Dawson via Dagobah Dispatch

The hosts were seemingly very pleased that Dawson had brought up the topic of a second season herself the and discussions around it, adding that there’s been no official word on the future of the show, but once again asked if Dawson has had any discussions about Ahsoka and her future, to which Dawson let out an elongated and disappointed, ‘No.’ However the actress added she was set to have a dinner with the cast of the series soon, which she was looking forward to as she hadn’t been able to see them due to other commitments.

No. We’re supposed to be having a dinner soon of the whole cast, which will be really nice because I haven’t seen everyone. I was very jealous seeing everyone at some of their cons recently, which I wasn’t able to be at, so I’m looking forward to seeing everyone.” – Rosario Dawson via Dagobah Dispatch


As the topic of a second season faded away, Dawson quipped that she’s going to get the “witches” together to see what they’ve got to do to get a second season which is likely a reference to the Nightsister’s that featured in the series.

We’ll get the witches together and see what we’ve got to do.” – Rosario Dawson via Dagobah Dispatch

Rosario Dawson herself has been very vocal about wanting a second season of the Ahsoka series. Months before fans had even seen a single episode of the series, Dawson was on stage at Star Wars Celebration in April asking for a season two during the Lucasfilm Showcase and often brought up her hopes for a follow up season in various interviews in appearance pre and post Ahsoka release.

The Ahsoka series performed moderately well for Disney+, but didn’t reach the numbers and heights of shows such as The Mandalorian, Obi-Wan Kenobi or The Book of Boba Fett, the latter two of which have also not received second seasons despite the leads of those series being vocal about wanting second seasons.

The word from Lucasfilm and Disney via the trades has been the same since Ahsoka concluded, that a second season had not been greenlit and that discussions were being had. We’re now three months removed from the series finale and the word is still the same. In November it was reported by Vanity Fair that the series creator, Dave Filoni, was exploring the possibility of a second season with Filoni telling Entertainment Weekly shortly after that there’s “several threads that can continue”, but that if there’s not a second season, that he was happy to bring the character of Ezra Bridger home within the Ahsoka series.

Personally I think there will be a second season of Ahsoka – I don’t know anything, it’s just “a feeling”, to quote Finn. However, when we’d see it – I don’t know, but you’d hope before 2026 as Filoni’s MandoVerse crossover movie is expected to be released in December of that year and you’d imagine that filming on that flick would have to begin next year if it’s to make that release window.

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